from live to archive - Imagen v6 is the complete media portal

Imagen version 6 not only gives you the most powerful platform to manage, access and distribute your media archive – it now offers live capture and powerful new archiving, logging and publishing tools.

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Boxing Live

Live Capture

Ingest live streams to manage media in real time

Live streams can now be ingested through your Imagen platform, giving real time access to feeds from sports tournaments, TV station broadcasts, conferences, keynote speeches and much more.

With the widest range of media services available anywhere – you and your clients can enjoy all your media content through one versatile, branded media portal.

Once the live stream has ended, the finished file is added to your Imagen archive to be accessed and reused in the future.

Boxing Live

live logging

Real-time media logging - in your browser

Applying time based metadata to your video allows end-users to navigate and find specific moments in long form video content more easily.

Imagen’s Media Logger synchronises with your live stream to add time based logs to your media.

While watching the live feed, power users are able to click/touch a matrix of predefined keywords and names to describe events.

live clipping

Be the first to share the
latest action on social media

Keep sports fans up to date with clips from current tournaments. Push highlights of exclusive content ready for licensing to your clients. Publish up to the minute clips from conferences or key note speeches.

Imagen v6 now lets you syndicate content to social media and beyond directly from a live stream using simple browser based editing tools.

Users can navigate to highlights using time shift controls – pause, rewind and fastfoward – and send the edit to a one-click publishing workflow.

Any number of publishing workflows can be set up to produce social media optimised video – ready to entertain and inform new audiences.

social publishing

Social Media Publishing

Connect your content with a new audience

With audiences ready for more content across a diverging range of channels, Imagen v6 now provides rapid fire publishing of clips to social media platforms such as Twitter and Youtube – for improved marketing to customers  – or meeting increased demand from consumers or sports fans hungry for more video.

Imagen v6 integrates directly with leading social media platforms and can be used alongside Imagen’s clipping tools for rapid content editing and automated syndication to social media platforms via pre-configured workflows.

Create clips and send to social media publishing workflows

Add additional comments and links to your social media video post

Burn in logos, watermarks or selected metadata

Predefine message in the workflow – e.g. ‘Tweet of the day’ or add at runtime

v6 notifications

Email and RSS Notifications

Optimal efficiency with automated updates

With hours of new video coming in daily, it’s a chore for users to keep coming back to media libraries looking for specific content. That’s why Imagen v6 provides a range of options to keep clients updated automatically.

Users can set their search criteria for the content they need and Imagen will send automated emails when new relevant media is uploaded to the library – along with direct links to the new videos. Users can set frequency for emails – receiving daily, or as the new content arrives.

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive updates based on saved search criteria.

All the email notifications can can be fully themed to adhere to your company branding.

Save and modify search parameters for content updates

Set a notification schedule – daily or as it happens

Compose plain text or html emails with a simple WYSIWYG editor

Auto send subscribers welcome messages upon registration

Users can unsubscribe and manage notifications from their account

Notifications triggered if access conditions change

Improved User Interface

Improvements include: multi-select search results and tool bar options for batch edits; submit entire hitlists to workflows; video length now shown on the toolbar; custom default messages when searches return zero results. Fast access to previously saved searches from any search bar on the site.

Face Detection

Faces within digital images can now be automatically identified using Imagen’s facial recognition feature – reducing the overhead of marking up one or more faces in an image. Imagen highlights faces ready for tagging by administrators so individuals can be found during basic searches.

Also in Imagen v6

Batch Clip Order Processing

Users can now create a download order for all the clips in their workspaces with a one click batch processing request. Selected edits are sent to a workflow; new files are automatically generated and made ready for download.


Custom Thumbnails

Group together a set of related resources like word documents or pdfs with an easily identifiable icon. Simply upload a new icon to replace the default image so your documents look as good as your video.


Job Monitoring

Version 6 makes it’s even easier to keep an eye on ingest and workflow progress via a dedicated control panel. A full set of tools help administrators to onboard large volumes of media and manage jobs from a browser.

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From live to archive, Imagen is the premium solution for managing and distributing your content, providing a superior experience for your audience and rapid access to broadcast quality content