Mass media processing

Increase the throughput of your workflows and distribute your content faster with Imagen v7’s new unlimited transcode power. Ingest at high speed and make large volumes of HD content ready for market faster than ever before.


Sophisticated web tools

Design beautiful, feature rich user interfaces with sophisticated web management tools. Choose from new themes and customise with intuitive, point and click page editing features to create the perfect web portal for your media library.


Faster global distribution

Open up your content to new territories with high bandwidth, low latency distribution of live streamed HD video. Imagen v7 even provides an easy connection to your Content Distribution Network (CDN) when you need it.

Build a better user experience with advanced page editing tools

Imagen v7 gives you all the creative tools you need to build and maintain a great looking video platform. Design, edit and update beautiful web pages that make the most of your video content.

You know your audience better than anyone else so take control of the user experience and build the video portal your clients want and your content deserves. Customise page layouts, add menus and interactive features with new point and click editing tools.

Promote and market your content more effectively; publish your latest news and blogs, showcase collections and introduce the latest additions to your video library with simple to use in-page updates.

New design templates

Our new responsive web themes are easy to load and customise. Select the template that reflects your brand and use our powerful in-page editing tools to add logos, background images, favicons and more.

Real-time notifications

Keep on top of your media operations. Imagen v7 delivers an updated notification service for real time feedback on job processing, clip editing, collection management and file delivery.

Video pre-rolls

Need to add stings and idents to your video? That’s easy with Imagen’s new improved pre-roll video feature. Create any number of pre roll workflows to easily add exciting, branded intros to your video content.

Object tracking

Track faces, objects and brands with new onscreen video annotations. Highlight objects with a range of marquee shapes, set time line points and watch the trackers follow your target object as the video plays.

Improved SEO

Drive more traffic to your web portal and increase engagement with new improved SEO features. Automated generation of XML site maps keep search engines up to date on the availability of your publicly accessible content.

Prepare to scale, or prepare to fail

With unprecedented demand for video content worldwide, media companies and businesses need a platform capable of converting media at speed and at volume, ready for distribution and consumption.

Imagen v7 gives you the power to scale your media operations, increase throughput and prepare content for market in the shortest time possible.

From Live to Archive, our award winning video management platform can flex on demand, increase throughput and deliver a world-class video experience.

Find out how Imagen v7 can drive more value from your video