Imagen Video Asset Management

Imagen video asset management solutions

An ideal solution for small companies up to large corporations, offering a host of packages which provide a scalable and modular enterprise solution. The development time and expertise we have gathered across the last 20 years in video asset management have enabled us to cater to all our clients’ unique needs and budgets – now and moving forward.

Our video management solutions, as well as storage solutions, are designed to give clients the freedom to integrate with current systems and of course allow them to customize and brand their own portals to fit within their stakeholders’ current experience. We are used to managing a wide range of media file formats from standard MP4 up to broadcast quality video, typically storing the originals and producing appropriate versions for a range of end-user devices, from a PC to a mobile phone.

Multiple Formats

Our video content management solution caters to multiple formats providing powerful and flexible tools designed to make your management of digital assets that bit easier. We provide you with the easiest drag-and-drop work flow editor, combined with the ability to tightly manage access to your content and permissions to make changes.

Integration is key for Imagen and we’ll always try to be play our part in an overall experience for your users, whether they are internal or external. As such, included in the Imagen video content management system is the ability to develop and create your own apps and manage your entire Imagen digital database with ease, helping you grow your library and open up new use cases for your media.

Easy and Effective

The Imagen video content management solutions have been designed to be easy to use but powerfully effective. We have utilised our 20 years of knowledge and experience in video management and incorporated it into a solution that we feel you can rely on and trust to push your business forward and help you reach your audience effectively.

Our video content management solution helps you reach your audience, improve your online visibility and give you the ability to search, store, archive and manage your video content on any device with ease. With Imagen EVP, we have created a modular solution that anyone can use with confidence at any time, putting them in true control of their digital media.