Video Distribution

Video distribution is moving very quickly…

Life may move pretty fast – but not much moves as fast as online video these days. The demand is growing with higher consumption rates year on year, and with that demand for content comes demand for faster, better, more, now.

However much video content you may have, its value will only ever be fully realised if you can deliver it to your audience, at the right time. And for that, you need a well-developed video distribution strategy.

Imagen Media Centre for Enterprise

Not all video is created equal.

It’s important to understand the value of the video content you have. In any sector, there will always be some video content that is more (or less) valuable than other content, and that value will change over time. As the value fluctuates, you can’t always predict exactly what will be needed when, or for that matter, where.

Your video distribution strategy therefore needs to be agile and responsive, taking into account the whole video management process (or media asset management, if you prefer), incorporating everything from the speed to ingest new or legacy media, the metadata you add at the cataloguing stage to aid discovery, your video monetisation strategy, and finally the delivery of the file itself. Licensing, analysis, storage, the whole digital shebang.

Not all video distribution platforms are created equal either.

Video distribution is evolving rapidly. Content delivery by satellite and fulfilment by tape are rapidly being displaced by IP delivery. As a content owner or provider, you need to be able to keep up. At Imagen we enable content owners to manage, monetise and distribute their broadcast quality video to audiences around the world with ease through a browser. We do that in a number of ways:


Imagen provides granular control of your video content ensuring only chosen users/groups/territories have access to it.

Analyse and evaluate media consumption and user engagement through Imagen’s built-in data analytics dashboards.


Provide users with instant access to broadcast quality content anywhere using our worldwide network of media storage access points.

Deliver a localised service for global audiences through Imagen’s automated detection of browser language settings.


Provide a slick, fully branded self-serve content portal for your audience with built-in payment options to easily generate revenue.

Powerful search, curation tools and fast fulfilment enable fast consumption of content and a premium user experience.

Imagen: the ultimate video distribution portal

Whether you intend to share content with internal teams, distribute new media to broadcast or commercial partners, or monetise video to select audiences, Imagen delivers your footage to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Companies like Reuters, IMG and Premier League trust Imagen to drive and deliver their video content fast and effectively within fully branded video distribution portals. Find out more about how Imagen helps leading brands manage their media here.


Imagen offers a premium solution for managing, monetising and distributing your content – enabling quick access to broadcast quality content at the fastest speeds, anywhere.

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