Video Monetization

Online Video Monetization: the need for digital search and distribution

In 2017, more video has been produced and made available to consumers than ever before and you can bet your mortgage on that number rising each year for the foreseeable future – the problem isn’t quantity, it’s quality and making the right content available at the right time is the key to ensuring it isn’t being drowned out and has the chance to realise its full revenue potential.

For content owners, secure digital delivery is crucial in order to securely and quickly provide content in a world riddled with leaks, illegal streams and 24-7 demand for video. No more can companies rely on physical search and/or distribution of tapes.

Extracting value from video

Video monetization comes in many forms, from the standard methods used by sites like YouTube (advertising) to subscription models (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) and pay-per-view (Box Office, Amazon Prime Rentals). The best strategy for monetizing your videos is likely down to your audience and there might also be a market for using a combination of monetization models to maximise the value you can extract.

For those wishing to monetize their content online, there are 3 different video monetization models you can utilise to extract value:

Advert Based Monetization (AVOD)

Content is free to consumers but the platform will include advertisements from brands that pay for content and upkeep.

Transactional Monetization (TVOD)

Essentially pay-per-view, consumers will be charged for access to individual media files which they can then play and/or download.

Subscription Monetization (SVOD)

Subscribers pay to access limited/ all content for a fixed amount of time similar to TV packages where you pay monthly or annually.

Imagen as a video monetization platform

Imagen has the functionality to allow content owners to create subscription tiers enabling access to content and/or offer credit-based payments for individual media assets. Our video platform works hard so content owners can worry less about how their videos generate revenue, but more about creating great content that engages viewers based on the most popular content with users.

Find out more about how Imagen helps leading brands to manage and distribute video content quickly and securely on our customers page here.

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