Introducing Imagen & XenData

    Introducing IX. For small to medium video archives requiring tape backup.

    Non-proprietary and with a familiar windows interface, XenData’s Archive Series HSM software elegantly manages the data tapes for your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform.

    Optimized for the demands of the broadcast and film industry, XenData6 server is a proven HSM layer for Imagen users requiring tape backup.

    XenData6 Server takes control of the media in your Imagen Enterprise Video Platform system and writes your masters and originals to data tape or optical disk in a robotic library or drive for long term preservation.

    Imagen’s Storage Service defines the storage paths for your workflows

    Any file ingested by Imagen can be sent to folders on the cache disk of the XenData6 Server landing server. That’s an easy an easy thing to do because the XenData Server presents itself as a standard Windows network share.

    The XenData platform archive has a standard file system interface appearing locally as a single Windows logical drive letter which is typically shared over the network. The XenData software is tightly integrated into the Windows operating system which means it delivers high performance with a familiar and elegant configuration.

    The combined Imagen and XenData solution is ideal for:

    • Media archives and libraries requiring a ‘future-proof’ long term managed archive
    • Studio production teams requiring large amounts of storage to deal with production assets plus fast access to reference proxies
    • Broadcasters wishing to archive programmes, production assets and provide an online or internal access copies
    • Police, local government or military organisations wishing to archive and distribute large quantities of media


    • Fast access to browse copies for end-users, tape storage for long term archives
    • Easy to set up with a simple drive letter configuration
    • Integrated, tried and tested joint solution – as used by Imperial War Museums
    • Imagen’s granular access controls manage access to the high resolution original stored on tape
    • Open, non proprietary architecture
    • XenData6 Server may be utislised by other Mac and PC based applications in your application – not just by Imagen
    • Standard IT file formats for LTO, TAR and LTFS

    Comprehensive management of tapes and their contents

    You can obtain information about a tape and its contents, transfer data easily between tapes to recover space from deleted files and upgrade to future generations of higher capacity tapes – all from the XenData Management Console (XMC).

    Other non-proprietary features:

    • All file types can be archived on the system and partial file restore has been implemented in a way that is not specific to the file type.
    • The system uses the open standard POSIX tar format for recording to data tape. This ensures that that files can be restored for decades to come using a wide range of native Linux and Unix operating systems, Microsoft Services for Unix, as well as XenData software. In addition the LTFS format can be selected for easy data interchange.
    • All informational, warning and error messages are logged in the standard Windows Event Log and may be sent as on-screen messages or e-mail alerts.

    Download the data sheet for XenData & Imagen